Dr Guthrie Recommends

There are lot of other resources available for people who want to know more about the benefits of a plant based diet.   This is a list of films, books, and web sites that you will find beneficial.   You will find educational services as well as practical resources to halp you make the changes you need to make.   Check it ou!

Dr. Guthrie has spent his professional life helping others to live a healthier life. This book is the culmination of that work. His advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes is based both on current research as well as what has worked over the years. The simple truth is that those foods which are plant-based are still the best source of nutrition and contain exactly what our body needs. Dr. Guthrie helps us to understand why and how that works for our benefit.

Dr. Dick Tibbitts;

Performance Coach, Former Hospital Executive, Author of Forgive to Live, Co-Author of The Stress Recovery Effect