Is Dementia Reversible? A Case Study of 100 patients

Dr Dale Bredesen, a neuroresearcher from UCLA, and several others authored this paper demonstrating the possibility of reversing dementia in some cases.   The program he reports on is dilineated in his book, The End of Alzheimer’s.   You might also be interested in the stories of those who reversed their dementia entitled The First Survivors of Alzheimers.  He describes dementia as a leaky roof with 30+ holes.    In order to stop the process one has to plug all the wholes.    Testing is done to identify the “holes.”   Then each one is closed.

Pilot Study of Dementia reversal in those with mild dementia

This 2022 Bredenen Protocol report is a pilot study (no control group) in patients with  mild dementia that demonstrates a similar reversal as was found in the initial case report.   With time there should be more research results forthcoming.